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My Weekly Review of Business & Ocean Issues 
Audio & Video PodCast Series

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What is a rendering of our proposed studio said we hope to have completed by early 2022

The AngelPreneur Weekly Review of Business & Ocean Issues (Weekly Review)

audio podcast is published free of cost weekly each Sunday by 6 PM Pacific time.

Initially designed as a video podcast, we elected to publish it as an audio podcast

until we can complete our propose studio set (seen above), build up our social

media base and an adequate audience to help support the video series.  Click on

the image to the right to see the latest episodes.

The First episode of the Weekly Review was published Sunday, September 26. We hope to build and grow

an audience that helps support our efforts through our  CBO Fundrazr rewards-based crowdfunding campaign or voluntary contributions directly via email by to


Each Episode will consist of multiple segments focusing on the issues that impact small business, the ongoing Covid issues that impact business and our personal lives, and increasing awareness of the issues that impact our oceans, including ocean plastic waste, overfishing and shark Finning over a 60 to 90 minute total time framework.


The Weekly Review podcast is sponsored by the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation, a Hawaiian nonprofit organization. The series will feature its ocean issue awareness programs and initiatives and report the progress made on the core issues they address. Visit them at CBO


The series will also promote the upcoming CBO Fundrazr  rewards-based crowdfunding event hosted on Fundrazr  beginning in late September to get things started. It will feature a custom minted - 1 ounce pure, CBO Silver SandDollar Medallion as the ultimate reward for contributors. 

Please note that The AngelPreneur shares truths that are not accepted by the corrupt fake mainstream media or most left-leaning individuals. The Shark does not believe in or use what some would consider politically correct Language. He is neither a Democrat, Independent or Republican, and considers himself a person who just believes in the U.S. Constitution, freedom and the American Dream.  

Audio PC Cover 5.jpg

Cover of Audio Podcast Series

Click on cover for current episodes

Wkly Review Podcast Cover copy.png

Cover for the Weekly Review Video Podcast Series 

Beginning once our studios that is completed

If you are getting anything of value out of my podcast series, and would like to support my ongoing efforts, you can send a cash contributions by eMail directly to me via Zelle.coal

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