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Thank You For Visiting My Support Page

As anyone can see I am clearly on a mission to address ocean issues, expose government corruption and lies. However, speaking the truth is not popular today, in fact, within the now socialist America, speaking the truth will get you censored, delisted and can even get you killed.


It is hard for many to fully understand what goes into the research and development of the audio and video podcast or website content. Never mind managing the social media sites and marketing efforts. I have privately funded most of my activities over the past ten years and operated with a small team of insiders.


Now I plan to ramp things up, hire some staff and start my projects, programs and initiatives with the help of those who share my vision, want to help heal the oceans or support my podcasts, It's not just about the funding, however, we are setting out to change things.


The goal is to build a growing base of followers, subscribers and contributors consisting of like minded people to help push the messages we need to push worldwide. So as I set course within an uncharted future, one thing holds true, to succeed in changing peoples mindset towards the oceans and the lies and corruption narratives fed us daily, you need the support of thousands of people all working together.

Although I am establishing a subscription-based channel for my "Building

The Dream" video podcast series beginning in September, those who wish

to help me move things forward can send a direct contribution to our Zelle

e-mail account: donations@cbofoundation dot com.


For our offshore partners and supporters who wish to contribute using Bitcoin please send your Bitcoin to our CoinBase wallet at: 33VxHF4fw2Bziw9U4cUFTUb4btmM3MYYYT

You do not need a Coinbase wallet to transfer to us, however, if you would

like to open a free CoinBase wallet, click on their logo and

sign up today. To donate cash via credit card, please click

on the PayPal button at the bottom of this website. 

You can also contribute to my non-profit CBO Foundation,

which expects to receive its tax-exempt 501c3 status soon.

At that time all contributions made will offer a U.S. tax

deduction. We intend to begin our fundraising campaign to

accomplish the stated goals and objectives outlined in my

podcasts, now that we have received our custom minted

one ounce .999 pure CBO Silver SandDollar Medallion

pre-production proof samples (seen on right) and they look

great. We will offer one CBO Medallion for every $250 in

total cumulative cash contributions made.  


Note: The CBO FundRazr campaign is a joint crowdfunding campaign for the non-profit CBO Foundation and CBO Worldwide our for profit side of the ocean mission, who will manage this campaign and all related programs and initiatives. Once active, you can Click on the links found on the home page to make a contribution, however, no tax-deduction will be available for them as this is a rewards based campaign.


I thank you for your consideration and help in advance.  

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