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My List of Preferred Info Resources

Anyone that knows me for the past 20 years understands my

disgust for politics, the lies and deceptions that are fed us all daily,

the ongoing frauds and corruption of our government and elected

politicians. I started my podcasts in part to call these criminals out.

I no longer participate in any BIG Tech social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, linkedin or others that routinely censor content and alternative opinions. Although I have no interest in, nor get paid to promote the above linked,  each morning I have my  coffee reviewing the over 55 news outlets they cover to get true news and happenings from around the world. They share things you will never see on any mainstream media network, talk show or website.

I will post my free audio podcasts on the Podbeam platform, which so far

seems to be one of the more reputable hosting sites. My goal is to have

my podcast monetized and distributed through them to other podcast

streaming networks like Apple or Google or Spotify.


Like many today, I first woke up to the deceptions shortly after the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, some 20 years ago this September. What I discovered would forever change my life and my view of global politics in general, but our government and elected officials in particular. What I and most people thought was crazy or a conspiracy theory even five years ago, is now becoming reality. America in many ways has become the Nazi Germany of the late 1930's, and not in a good way.


The takeaway of my own in depth research for the truth led me to conclude that whatever daily narrative is spewed by the fake mainstream media or politicians, always assume the direct opposite is true. I came to understand that I, and everyone else worldwide, has been lied to by design our entire lives. That we are all slaves to the real power matrix that runs this planet. 


People go about their lives assuming everything is normal, while there is a global depopulation agenda at work since at least the late 1960's. The recent manufactured Covid and JAB Scamdemic is a part of an evil plan, and it is just getting started. It's like we are all actors in an ongoing delusional "Truman Show" series that never seems to end. It is time to "Make America, America Again" and end this reality series. 


Although I will share some of my finding within my podcast episodes, I encourage each of you to at the very minimum start reading real news. To get the uncensored facts of the world you live in and not believe the fake shit fed us daily. I promise you will discover, like I did, we live in a life of deception filed with fake friends, politicians and constant surveillance. But it gets worse!

This page features some of the go to websites, while they still remain online, to get your individual search for the truth started. None of the ones listed here are paid sponsors of any of my operations or podcasts. I provide them solely to help you find the truth. May the force be with as you discover it!


Although there are hundreds of websites that provide real news, I do not have the time to search them all out. Instead I get everything I need to know daily by starting with the single website listed below.

AS stated earlier, this is perhaps one of the best websites that aggregates over 55 global alternative media and true news sources into one link. I log onto this site daily with my first cup of coffee, and within an hour or so I am ready to puke with the evil taking place worldwide. Many of the news sites that I would list separately are covered on this platform.

Although I use Youtube in the past to post videos, and I still find interesting things on them when doing research, I do not intend to post any of my content on Youtube due mainly to their censorship policies. I will post my videos and podcast series on smaller, censor free sites as outlined below.

This site will exclusively host my Building The Dream video podcast series, once I begin publishing episodes in late September or October of this year. I have known of its founder, Mike Adams, for 20 years and know him to be an honest truth teller committed to free speech, health and he does not censor content. Unlike the Big Tech sites that have turned truth into misinformation to merely feed their political narratives. I support the truth and all those who share it with others. This is a great channel to see powerful interviews of doctors regarding the Covid scam.

This is a good site for alternative media and has many content channels of well know conservative hosts. 

I will post video on this site as they do not appear to censor alternative opinions and cancel culture crazy talk. Most popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo censor such content or delist you if you do not agree with the mainstream fake narrative of the week.

This channel was started by infowars and features the topics and videos you will never see on any other mainstream media outlet or streaming service. I like the reporting done by Greg Reese and Alex Jones, who over the past 18 years have been right on over 97% of the crazy shit they warned us all about. I used to think Alex was a bit crazy, but he proved me wrong. The crazy ones are those who do not listen and learn!

Below is my preferred list of uncensored social media sites, and I will add others as I find the time. I am starting at ground Zero and plan to build a new base to not merge old twitter account followers, so until I can start building a new base, or hire someone to help manage these sites, my following will be smaller than most. 


These social sites are time vampires, meaning they suck the hours out of your days to keep them current. It's important to note that no matter what site you take part in, there will always be losers on them that spew bullshit that really makes no sense, is filled with hate and liberal nonsense. I trust you will figure this out in time, if you have not already.

This is the social side of the Brighteon platform where I will also post links to my audio and video podcasts, videos from others and engage in social activities. It features a lot of great content, interviews with real doctors, experts and podcasts that expand your thinking. I listen to many podcasts from this site regularly and recommend you check it out too. 

The GETTR social site, short for "Get Together", is a new social site launched in June 2021 and was started by Steve Miller an ex Trump aide. It operates much like twitter does, but being new it will take time to build a solid base of followers. I will post my content on this site and build a personal following there too, and I invite you to follow me by clicking on the GETTR links found on the header and footer of this site. 

This social site was started by a Canadian entrepreneur as a direct competitor to twitter and is well done. I first joined in June 2020 and have not yet started building a base of followers on it, pending my publishing this website and getting my podcasts out. Once I get them started, I will start building my account. 

NOTE: Although I have a number of old twitter accounts and a account, I do not plan to actively post on them directly. I do, however, expect that once I hire a social media person to manage all my websites and social accounts, we will post suitable content on these and additional sites. Our goal is to build awareness of the ocean issues worldwide.

Click on the above bar to be redirected to a dedicated webpage with YouTube videos that I feel may be of interest to you. I will keep adding new ones as time permits.



All The News Your Government & Fake Media Do Not Want You To Read or See.

My Favorite Real News Website

My Preferred Video Channels

My Social Media Channels

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