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Hire Me to Review Your Business Plan, an
Idea or Concept, or for another reason Today!

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 45 years experience in business concept development, start-up and operations, there is a good chance I understand where you are or want to go with a business. Although I am more than busy currently launching of my own "Mother of All Start-ups," I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs get started and avoid the many mistakes I have made over the years. 


I devote 10 to 12 hours a week to help my existing clients worldwide, and add a limited number of new ones. I can offer you a fresh outside viewpoint and perspective of your business concept, new or even an existing business, review your Business Plan or marketing strategies, provide insight on the current global and national business climate or even offer to help with personal issues.


Being an entrepreneur is a true curse, even an illness in many ways. It often takes you away from family, friends and even your personal pursuits. It can ruin the best of relationships and marriages sometimes. I know and speak from personal experience. If I do not feel I can help you, I'll tell you upfront that I am not your guy. If I can, then you will always get more value for the dollar working with me. 


Building management teams can be both a positive and negative experience also. Finding good people today, those who are not all crazy with pop-culture and wokeness, jaded political opinions and Covid crazies makes finding a team that can work together more complicated today. However, there are viable solutions.

Raising capital for a start-up is difficult but not the hard part. Structuring the deal and equity splits are. 

Getting in bed with the wrong capital partners or investors can lead to a nasty and often complex situation that most often may have been avoidable. The current global Covid frauds and attitudes do not help.


As an Angel Investor I have seen first hand how entrepreneurs get shafted equity wise by  initial investors, for little to no money. I learned how to protect the very assets you seek to develop, without selling the farm before the crop can be grown.


I accept new clients based on whether I like their proposed or existing product or business, their attitude of business and the entrepreneur, his/her business and goals, but mostly if I feel I can contribute to them. I charge realistic fees that won't make me rich, but roots out mainly the strokers who want to waste my time. My charges are as follows:


Telephone or Zoom Consultation

I charge a minimum fee of USD$175 for the first hour of a one-to-one telephone or zoom call with me, plus $120 for each hour thereafter (at $60 per half hour units). A bargain when considering the cost of most lawyers and shrinks.


I offer my time to discuss any business, personal or other issue you feel you want a second opinion on or need help with. I keep everything we discuss confidential and between us. I will always be direct, truthful and to the point with you. Although you may or may not like my opinions, conclusions or direct no bullshit approach. Please do not hire me if you merely want happy talk just to make you feel good. I want to help you get to whatever the next step or phase in your personal journey is, not blow smoke up your valley.

Business Plan Review

I review Business Plans under 50 pages for a lump sum of $500, which includes a written review of my thoughts, opinions and strategies, which I send back to you with suggestions within 14 days. Plus a one hour follow-up call is included to discuss your project. Additional time is billed at $125 per hour. If I feel your Plan has potential, and needs adjustment, we can discuss my updating it for you. Note: I do not steal your ideas or concepts, but may like some enough to incorporate your business, products or service into my projects if I deem it feasible, with your approval. As a side note, I often find my key management team members for my projects through this service, which is one reason I like providing it. 

In Person Consultation

I travel routinely between California, Florida, Hawaii and Nevada . In some cases I may agree to meet with you along the way, subject to timing, for a direct personal face-to-face meeting. My cost for this is $250 for the first hour, plus $100 for every half hour thereafter. These are conducted within a well established local restaurant over lunch or dinner, as we shall determine prior to the meeting. As my base of operation is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, if you plan a trip here, there is a good chance we might be able to connect here, at a local trade show on a more regular basis at the same rates. 

As stated, my time is very limited and I may end offering

these services to new clients by the end of 2021 as my

existing client base grows and my own projects take root.

I have developed a Meeting Request Form (click on right to

download a pdf version) to help provide an overview of your

needs, questions or the topics you wish to meet on.


It is a simple one-pager that you can complete and email

back to me. I will contact you whether or not I will take you

on as a new client, and if I do agree, I will send an Invoice to

you, which must be paid before I call to set a meeting date

and time. 


Payments for my services are made only after I review and

accept your Meeting Request Form. You have three days to

pay it or I will shred the file. Just being honest - no bullshit!


You can pay via credit card, or directly through Zelle, at the

email address I will provide you in my email reply. If you

wish to pay using Bitcoin or BitcoinCash, like some of my

international clients do, I will provide a wallet ID in my reply

as well.

I guarantee that you will get your monies worth with me and

I will refund any unused fees paid within seven days. 

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