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My "Get To Know MeSeries
My initial Audio PodCast Episodes

1967 Hit "For What Its Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.: I use an opening clip for my podcast from the above song, because its words still ring true today, some 54 years later. See the words here!  

Welcome To My - "Get To Know Me" Podcast Series

The "Get To Know Me" free audio podcasts listed below are the first of my three (3) separate podcast series. They can be accessed on this website, my Podbeam channel and my social platforms.

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

EP #2101:

Series Overview, A Few Disclaimers & More!


In this first episode in this podcast series I will cover a broad number of topics, viewpoints, and overview of my for-profit and non-profit goals and objectives. 

It has taken me some time to develop, outline and record these initial episodes, after extensive thought and ongoing delays caused mainly due to the rapid ever-changing events taking place in the world the past six months in general, but within our Country in particular.  


In this series I share some hard truths and expose some unbelievable things you may or may not already know. Although negative and evil at times, I very positive and forward thinking about the future. I still believe in America and most of the people in it.


This series is also designed to help my listeners better understand me, my "Mother of All Start-up Businesses," CBO Foundation ocean awareness programs and initiatives, plus viewpoints on current and other topics.

The initial podcast episodes are listed with a brief description, with the Episodes in green ready to listen. Episode Numbers in red means they are coming soon.  

Get To Know Me Series Episodes 2 - 20

EP #2102:  CBO Foundation & CBO Worldwide

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

I provide a brief overview of our CBO Foundation awareness programs & initiatives, goals, Including our Find Your Plastic Porpoise treasure hunt, quarterly waste conferences and annual CBO EXPO, and the business objectives of CBO Worldwide. .

EP #2103:  Integrated Impact Driven Ventures

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this podcast I share our proposed plans to build a network of Impact Parks at cruise ship ports, island destinations and other remote areas to provide long-term food, energy and water security to clients or local governments .

EP #2104:  The Mother of All Start-ups Begins

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this podcast I explain why, at 66, I elected to launch the Mother of All Start-up projects and what it means to start multiple businesses within multiple industry sectors, in the post Covid world.  


EP #2105:  My Consultation Services Overview

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

Over the years I have helped many entrepreneurs structure their businesses, write or review their Business Plans and provided them with one-on-one consultation or other services. I share how and my rates in this Episode

EP #2106:  My Views on Entrepreneurship

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

Having been an entrepreneur for 50 years now I have a lot to share with those who are thinking really about starting their own business. I will share the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of running your own small business.

EP #2107:  My Views on Covid & Vaccinations

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

I think the whole Covid Scamdemic was a pre-designed bioweapon and attack on the world. That it was part of the UN-funded Oblivion Agenda. I share my intel sources and why the Vaccination push is merely a part of a global Depopulation genocide campaign. I’m serious

EP #2108:  My Views on Politics & Fake Media

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

I do not trust what most politicians or any mainstream media outlet spews out of their pieholes. This is because they are proven liars, and as

the mainstream media is controlled by just six (6) large corporations, all liberal in nature, they are masters of Fake news. I share why.

EP #2110:  My Views on Cryptocurrencies 

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

As an early Bitcoin player in 2010, I bought 10,000 BTC for USD $600 and felt I got screwed. In March 2010, user "SmokeTooMuch" had 10,000 BTC up for auction for $50, but no one bought them. I felt they were a fade and used BTC as poker chip value. I share my story.

EP #2109:  My Views on Government & Laws

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

I woke up to the government lies and deceptions after the 9/11/2001 attack on America. What I learned shocked me, and yet that pales to what is coming at us soon. What I heard and read 10 years ago was crazy, however, it is unfolding in real time right before our eyes today.

EP #2111:  My Views on Marriage & Family

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

I am on my third marriage, going on 27 years, and it has been both a rewarding and difficult journey for both of us. Having six adult kids, with four still talking to me I share some stories everyone can learn from.

EP #2112:  My Views on Social Media & Tech

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

As a result of the tech censorship, I stopped using my Twitter accounts,

Fakebook or LinkedIn. After building my Parlor account to 6,000 in three months, their server was shut down by Amazon and went dark. I share my new uncensored social media sites with you

EP #2114:  Surviving an American "ELE" 

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

AS if Covid were not enough stress on the global population, there lurks the possibility of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that could cause a pole shift disaster within our lifetime. I will share what that means and why our government has been planning to survive it since the late 70's. 

EP #2113:  My Views on the Globalist Events

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

What is happening to all of us at this time in history is beyond evil. Many

people have been brainwashed to accept what may prove to be their own self-extermination event. The Globalist Depopulation efforts have been underway since the 1960’s, and are in full force today. 

EP #2115:  Answers To Common Questions

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

Some of my followers and clients have asked me about my status, my feelings on business in the current environment, on news, family and some of the more pressing global issues underway. I address some in this Episode, without the bullshit - if you dare to listen

After completing the original 15 episodes in the series the shark was asked to clarify his positions on the Afghanistan situation and other topics and us and produced some Extra Episodes as outlined below:

EP #2116:  Afghanistan & 9/11 Anniversary 

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this episode the Shark shares his insight and concern of the recent 

Afghanistan situation and complete lack of American leadership and military strength as we exited the Country and left our US citizens and Afghans behind, creating the next 9/11 potential disaster.

EP #2117  20th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this episode the Shark reviews the terrorist events of 9/11/01 in New York 20 years later, and a potential new terrorist event that might occur on the 20th anniversary date as a result of the Afghanistan exit of US troops from the country

EP #2118:  My Views on the California Recall

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this episode the shark shares his view of the upcoming California recall election of Governor Newsom and reviews the top three likely candidates who could replace him if Newsom were recalled.

EP #2119  The Illegal Vaccine Mandates

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this episode the shark shares his view on the illegal activities of our federal government, health agencies and fake media for the mandate of unapproved vaccines, regardless of the recent Pfizer approval, which is a complete fraud as he explains. 

EP #2120  Rethinking the Path Forward 

Audio PC 2101 Cover.jpg

In this Final Episode in the Get to Know Me Series, the Shark updates everyone on several changes he is making as a result of the Afghanistan and Geo-political events and the nature of our tyrannical governmental policies. Entrepreneurs are constantly rethinking and planning to overcome the problems as they arise, and America has some major problems that will impact small businesses not only within the United States but worldwide.  He will share his views of the new Covid world realities, while launching his Clear Blue Oceans Foundation and several related projects that will help self-fund its activities. He will share an update on his upcoming video podcast series and where this audio podcast series will go from here.

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If you are getting anything of value out of my podcast series, and would like to support my ongoing efforts, you can send a cash contributions by eMail directly to me via Zelle.coal

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