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My Podcast Series Disclaimer Information

This page outlines general Information intended to serve as an overall Disclaimer for all my podcast content, websites or video content produced by me as part of my three (3) podcast series. They are not presented in any order of importance and are subject to change or modification.


  1. Content: All of the opinions, information and viewpoints of of any content I share are presented by me based on personal research from a number of direct contacts, from collective websites, intel sources that I believe to be true and accurate. My content on proposed or active  ventures, CBO Foundation programs and initiatives is based on the actual state of affairs underway,

  2. Language: Although I will attempt to keep my language clean and respectable, my podcasts will likely include harsh and nasty language, politically incorrect statements or words, and perspectives that are likely to offend some listeners. That is not my intent. 

  3. Politics: I speak and live my truth and convey my true feelings and emotions, will express my anger, my disappointment and disgust with politics, local, state and federal governments and other issues. No offense is intended, however,  if you can’t deal with it, do not listen or watch. 

  4. Topics: Not all of the topics I discuss or positions I take may agree with yours, and frankly that is good as it creates the conversations we need to have in America on these issues. I do not push my views on others, but share my opinions based on what I believe is true and personal research. I draw conclusions from on my own, not the mainstream fake media, twitter, fakebook or government narratives fed to us by our so-called elected leaders. I feel I have been lied to my whole life by government and mainstream media, as have all of you. Sadly a large part of our society today still believes that their government loves and cares about them. One of the biggest lies ever conceived. I intend to share many of these lies in my subscriber-based video podcast series.

  5. My Businesses: Although I own and operate Integrated Impact Driven Ventures, my core Nevada corporation, and CBO Worldwide, the for-profit support company for my CBO Foundation programs and initiatives, and share my proposed  active and start-up ventures, plus programs and initiatives, some may never happen as planned or presented within my podcasts. Expect changes and me adding or deleting new projects from time to time. Change is the only constant in life and like a river rushing to the ocean, I am not a dam builder stuck on doing it just one way just to prove a point. My podcasts are intended to showcase and educate people on the business building process in the post Covid world.

  6. CBO Foundation: The CBO Foundation is my Hawaiian non-profit corporation designed to help increase awareness of the many ocean issues, mainly ocean plastic waste and debris, overfishing and needless shark finning for soup practices. It will also seek to fund coastal clean-up projects and outside ocean focused non-profit organizations, projects or filmmakers. My podcasts will promote all these programs and initiatives. 

  7. Podcast Series: My podcast series are designed to take audio podcast listeners and viewers of my video podcast on the ultimate entrepreneurial reality ride of a lifetime - in real time, as I build-out my ventures, programs and initiatives. My podcast series will be hosted on Podbeam and and promoted on my social media platforms that ensure free and uncensored speech. I am seeking 100,000 listeners, not millions, although that would be nice, to establish a manageable base of active listeners and followers.

  8. E-mails: Although I will review emails or comments sent exclusively through this website, I will reply mainly to my subscribers, crowdfund contributors, partners, associates or others directly connected to one or more of my projects. I am flexible and open minded, welcome change, outside opinion and fresh new perspectives. However, I never let other people’s perceptions, negative energy or comments, crazy ideas or opinions become my reality. I encourage you to keep your nasty comments and foul language to a minimum, as all emails or posts are monitored by my staff prior to getting to me. 

  9. TECH: I am not a fan of BIG Tech censorship and believe we as a country have lost many freedoms, not the least of which includes free speech online merely because I, like millions of others do not always agree with the political narrative they want to force feed us daily. For this reason, I will not participate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar social sites personally. I will only use platforms I believe will not censor me for saying real words; like Mother, instead of Birthing Parent, a ridiculous pop culture word, phrase or title that is deemed inappropriate by those who wish to control our lives.

  10. America: I recognize we live in the once best country in the world, which has gone seriously off the rails the past few years, certainly within the last six months. I will always share my feelings on why I feel it has declined, why the scams being played out against us on a local and global basis exist and why I still believe America can be restored it its former glory. I will comment on the efforts of like-minded people, those who share worthwhile information or strive for change whenever I believe in it. I will continue to build-out my vision the best way I can in the current anti-entrepreneurial environment with the help of my team, my listeners and my viewers.

  11. Investment: Although I have spent years researching, planning and structuring my integrated for-profit and non-profit business models, funding methods and future equity share offerings, much work is still required to make it all happen. I am not seeking private investors at this time for my projects, but will continue to entertain serious equity partner interest in my core business project, which is in no way intended nor should be considered as any form of solicitation for investment or advice. Nothing stated by me or any member of our team, on any websites or in my podcasts is intended as an offer to sell any form of securities (stock) or seek investors

  12. Bitcoin: I am a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin fan and will share some of my stories from time-to-time within my podcasts. I intend to accept Bitcoin as payment for my series or non-profit efforts whenever legal and feasible. 

  13. Information: Things I share in any of my podcasts or on any of our websites are intended solely to showcase our projects, programs and initiatives, goals and objectives or intentions. I intend to hire the right people to ensure everything we do is legal and properly structured, but sometimes we may cross the line with our optimism. Projections or intentions have changed over time and will likely change more as we move forward, and legalities require. 

  14. Audio Podcasts: My initial "Get To Know Me" audio podcast series and "Weekly Review of Business & Ocean Issues"audio podcast series will always be free and accessible to the general public. They are recorded on mp4 files for download from this website or other podcast distribution channels. Although I do not have any paid sponsors for them, I will promote my own ventures, programs and initiatives, and may accept limited integrated sponsorships if deemed feasible and appropriate.

  15. Video Podcast: I will be establishing a private subscriber based channel for my "Building The Dream" video podcast by August, at which time I plan to launch that series subject to any further delays or events beyond my control. Subscribers will receive access to controversial content not publicly available nor popular with some people by design, and may be considered confidential. For this reason I ask that only like-minded people subscribe to this channel so to create a base of subscribers who can clearly understand my logic, reasoning and goals of sharing whatever I share with them. Subscriptions will be based on a monthly plan and can be ended at anytime.

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