The 1000 BitCoin Challenge

I have been an early fan of Bitcoin (BTC) for over 10 years now, and sadly lost thousands of coins in the early years due to theft and exchange company bankruptcies in the early years. However, I lost most coins, well over 3,000 of them because I misplaced my vault key or passwords.


Today I have multiple wallets on, a publicly traded crypto-currency exchange company that has made owning and trading BTC simple and more secure.


If you do not yet have a wallet yourself, set one up today for free online by clicking on the Coinbase logo below on this page. When you do, the CBO Foundation earns a BTC Credit of USD $10. 


Over the years I have helped many get into the Bitcoin game, and frankly, it was not always a winning situation. Crrypto sector is a very volatile online currency, with many coins trading 24/7 worldwide today. It can be rewarding and risky, but I recommend everyone to own some.  

This brings me to my 1000 BitcoinChallenge untraditional

venture funding strategy. I am no fan of bankers or venture capital types, and having been an Angel Investor I fully understand how my very diversified for-profit and non-profit CBO projects appear to them from a funding risk point of view.

So I decided to get things in place and go after those in my fellow Bitcoin family, many of whom I have many, let's just say millions of dollars for through the price increases over the years for BTC.


I first bought 10,000 bulk BTC for USD $600, which today would be worth $620,000,000 *at $62,000 each). Up until 2017, when BTC first hit $20,000, then dropped back below #3,500 in the following years, most people did not take BTC seriously,

To Participate in the CBO Silver SandDollar Medallion rewards program, allocate all or part of your contribution 

to the CBO Foundation for a Tax Deduction (provided you reside in and pay taxes to the IRS) you must download the form on the right, complete it and return it to them at 

donations@cbofoundation .org.

APVG will forward the allocated funds to CBO Foundation as requested. Failure to return the form will default all contributions made to APVG for its use.

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CBO Foundation Tax Deduction

Contribution Allocation Form


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That includes me, as I was busy traveling, sailing and doing other projects in the early days of Crypto. As a result I lost access to several BTC wallets, which held many coins in them. In the old days, once lost, they are gone forever, but todays technology greatly reduces that risk of loss with a coinbase wallet, or even with other exchanges.

So my 1000 Bitcoin Challenge is simply this: Share a full or fractional share of a BTC - a little bit of the profit flow you likely made with BTC over the past year alone, and donate it to us at APVG. We will intern invest it into building and fund the launch of the CBO projects, programs and initiatives.


All designed to help address the many ocean issues, plus other core humanitarian efforts and create hundreds of jobs. The beauty of BTC is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can easily send BTC to our wallet as listed below with virtually no transaction or currency exchange fees:


                                          Coinbase Wallet: 



The REWARD for your contribution is that those who contribute any amount can feel good about "Paying it forward" by putting a piece of the money that did not exist before to good use. By taking part in the first ever such funding strategy designed to help the planet we all share and live on.


Those who contribute $1,000 or more In BTC value will become a Silver Member of our exclusive CBO Founders Club of like-minded individuals. Those who contribute $5,000 will become Gold Members and anyone that contributes $10,000 in BTC value will become our Diamond members in the Club.


Each level will offer additional values yet to be developed, but rest assured, once in, we will not forget your support. In fact, this could just start a whole new funding trend for fellow entrepreneurs with socially-focused, purpose-driven projects. Just 10 BTC provided today is worth USD $620,000 and that is a lot of capital to move our projects forward.


One such benefit is that as a Founders Club member, assuming you live in the United States, you can allocate part or all of your BTC contribution to the 501c(3) CBO Foundation, and receive a tax-deduction. We will convert these BTC into cash and donate it on your behalf. Simply email us through this website and tell us the BTC value you sent, the allocation and provide us with a name, address and phone number so we can issue your a tax receipt.

NOTE: This is not intended nor implied to be any form of an investment or loan offer, and merely a creative way to provide Gift Capital to APVG in the pursuit of its projects as outlined herein and elsewhere.