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The AngelPreneur Portfolio

APVG Fund Chart .png

AngelPreneur Venture Group, (APVG), the Managing General Partner of our proposed CBO Worldwide operating partnership with the CBO Foundation, is developing its AngelPreneur 

Impact Venture Fund One (APVG Fund), a USD $25 million debt offering for its Accredited and Institutional Investors to help fund some of our projects.


Although not set in stone, our goal is to providing funding to CBO Worldwide, plus develop two separate businesses as stand-alone companies to perhaps take public in the coming years as follows:

The AirWater Company (AirWater), an atmospheric water making--based proposed business model that converts local humid airflows (Humidity) into fresh and healthy drinking water, bottles it in glass for regional consumers and local restaurants. 


Urban GrowSpace, (GrowSpaces), is a proposed chain of local indoor vertical farming centers that will grow an assortment of healthy organic produce that will be offered, along with bottled 

AirWater to consumers and local businesses in an effort to offset the carbon footprints of having to transport these items in from outside the areas. 

The APVG Fund will also provide debt funding to CBO Worldwide to help it further develop and grow its businesses and CBO Foundation-related programs and initiatives.  Visit the CBO Worldwide website to learn more about each of the above.

NOTE: This information is offered merely for informational purposes as part of our funding 

transparency goal. The stated APVG Fund does not yet exist, nor will it be available to non-Acreditted or Institutional Investors. 

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