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Conceptual Rendering of the The AngelPreneur Production Studio 

Thank you for visiting the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG) and our Podcast series website, I am Peter The AngelPreneur 

Ortmann, aka: Petey or The Shark as close associates and friends call me (epresented within my logo).  

As an offshore sailor, early crypto-currency (BitcoinAngel Investor

and social Entrepreneur (hence the "AngelPreneur" name), I ffounded the non-profit Clear Blue Oceans Foundation CBO Foundation, to help address the many issues impacting our oceans and planet. 

APVG is my venture development firm that invests mostly into my own projects,  intended to self-fund its CBO Foundation mission. It

has been a long and winding road the past 25 years, as our world changed more than anyone van believe. Driven in great part by the Covid-19 Scamdemic that all but shut thi9ngs down.


As most Entrepreneurs know, the road to success always seems to be under construction and my projects are no exception. Flexibility and change are often the necessary factors that move a project forward.

Change is certainly required today in the Covid world of ongoing lies and deceptions about almost everything we need to know and have come to believe in, as told by our governments and their fake media.

Change does not always mean we have to give up on our dreams, our goals or control of our lives, nor the future of our Country. Launching any dream starts by us being who we really are as individuals, only 

then can we work toward what we want to really accomplish.  

The truth is all around us for all to see and hear, if they can handle it and the harsh realities it represents.  I share some hard truths in my podcasts that you may or may not agree, but thank you for listening.

I launched my podcast series to share the truth about myself, the way I feel things really are today and about the issues that impact our lives and our oceans. I also share details of the greatest threat to humanity geoengineering of our weather.

No matter how crazy our world gets, and it certainly has, the oceans will always represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource on planet Earth.  I will address the core issues that are impacting them, like plastic waste, overfishing and shark-finning.

My initial "Get To Know Me" audio podcast series launched in 2020 20 - episodes all of which can be found on this website or popular streaming systems. That series ended on December 31, 2021 and I now post single episodes on topics I feel need to be shared whenever time allows me to do so. 

I promise you this much: it will be fun, exciting  and never boring to follow my series as it evolves over the next few years, regardless of the global political outcomes.

At times my podcasts may be scary and the truth I share hard to grasp or believe, however as they say "the truth may hurt sometimes but it is no less true." The truth can set us free if we let it!

I am once again offering my private consulting services to new and existing clients who wish to retain me for a one-to-one meeting or to review their Business Plan, idea or project, I offer a limited number of time slots as outlined on the "Hire ME" web page.

If you wish to support our ocean awareness efforts, you can do so directly as outlined on the bottom of this web page or on the Donate buttons on this site, where you can also find links to follow me on social media. 

I no longer use facebook, LinkedIn or other traditional social sites due to their ongoing censorship of the truth and because I often disagree with their political or medical narratives and lies.

In any case, I hope you get something of value or learn something new out of my podcasts content.  If possible please donate to the CBO Foundation. as Great ideas take mountains of money and the support of many. Thank You.

This along with the and pathethic leadership in America today has caused countless delays and need to restructure many of my projects over the years. We are always updating our websites to incorporate these changes and my podcast shares them in greater detail. 

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Listen to my

latest Building

The Dream In Real Time audio 

podcast episode here.  Follow me on the following:

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singleUsePlastic_sustainability UN Repor

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation,

is a 501c(3) non-profit Hawaiian organization, out to increase awareness of the important ocean issues, including the reduction of single-use ocean plastic waste, overfishing and shark finning.


You can download a FREE copy of the UN Report on plastic waste above to learn more about the ever-growing global plastic packaging waste Crisis.

They are funded by like-minded

individuals, businesses and other organizations who wish to help heal our oceans. 

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THE DIMMING Documentary

For over 75 years our government has hidden the truth about the greatest threat humanity faces on planet earth - the geoengineering of our global weather by spraying over 70 million tons per year of dealdy toxins into our skies. Often referred to as ChemTrails this video documentary shares the truth you need to know. Watch and then visit 


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Visit the ReefShark Apparel & Accessories online store once launched for logo

branded apparel

plus reusable

products and 

specialty items. 


For the news our Government & 

fake mainstream media does not want you to read, see or hear visit and open your mind to the truth.  

I support the efforts of Sydney Powell and her Defending The Republic which is

out to help save

the America we

once knew and


defending the repub logo.png

This website is not yet mobile friendly 

I provide my audio podcast series free in an effort to help educate listeners on certain realities underway in America and the world today, plus feature the many business, Covid and ocean issues with the financial support of the CBO Foundation sponsorship. They are funded by like-minded people worldwide that support its efforts through private and corporate contributions, and tax-deductible donations with the United States. Thank You for your support of these efforts! 

     Please send Bitcoin to this wallet: 33VxHF4fw2Bziw9U4cUFTUb4btmM3MYYYT   

     Direct cash contributions by eMail can be sent through Zelle.coto  

     Credit Card donations can be made through the PayPal donate button found in the footer.

"Never underestimate the ability of a small group of dedicated people to
change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has




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